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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Mr. Clooney and clooneyfiles.com are now online. Open questions left? Email me at julie~at~clooneyfiles.com

05/05: Ocean's 12 in Chicago + confessions of a nicotine's mind
He's looking good as always. Click here to see 12 more pictures taken on the set of OCEAN'S 12 in Chicago, USA. Looks like George is really enjoying himself filming Ocean's 12 as he took time out to play basketball and sign autograph's for hundreds of local fans!
And by the way - your webmistress who used to be a smoking chimney all the years quit SMOKING - being a brave nonsmoker for 14 days now (and counting!)...wish me luck - t's so fu***** hard to get rid of my trained habits, but I'm gonna make it! YEAH!! :-))
Started at 18 - quit at 31 - 13 years of nicotine must be enough and they definitely are.
click here for more Ocean's 12 pictures
02/02: new pictures added and no Magnum no more
Yoh! I've added a couple of pictures. Old but gold. And a little newsblurb as well: the rumour that George would play MAGNUM P.I. is no more: it's been said that Tom Selleck (the one and only Magnum) will taje the role. The script has to be slightly re-written, because our protagonist is a bit. .uhmm--.older...than expected :) No news from Livingston, where THE JACKET is currently filmed. But news from Como: Mr. Clooney is set to receive an Honorary Citizenship to the village of Laglio in Italy where he owns Villa Oleandra.
They love him -so do we :)
click here to browse the new picture additions
01/26: New interview added to the clooneyfiles : "Keeping it single"
George Clooney has been linked with many beautiful women, but his longest realtionship - 15 years - is with Max, his pot-bellied pig. Now 41, the once-married "eternal bachelor" just loves to hang out with the boys...read the whole interview. Nice quote from the interview: "I bought a piano once because I had the dream of playing "As Time Goes By" as some girl's leaning on it drinking a martini. Great image. But none of it worked out. I can't even play "Chopsticks". But I've got a nice piano at my house!"
click here to read the interview
01/21: George Clooney visited set of "The Jacket" in Scotland/UK - video
Mr. Clooney visited Scotland yesterday. According to the Online edition of "Scotland Today" he had some breaking bad news. Asked about the rumours that he was looking for a house in Glasgow, he said: "No, I've actually got a house in Italy, so I go there now, which I am going to go to right now." Asked if he will be coming back to Scotland soon, he replied "Yeah, we're coming back, we are working on the show here so..."
click here for the whole article and the video coverage
click here for a diferent article with picture
01/08: Clooney Trivia page updated
Things you didn't know about George and relations you never dreamt of...the page formerly known as "did you know?" has now turned into trivia with many new facts and statements. And by the way, more than 1.000 people went to the casting call in Livingston/UK. Poor casting agents, but well, its their job to find the perfect extra for "The Jacket" :)
01/04: INTOLERABLE CRUELTY premiere pics and movie mistakes
Not much news in the early days of 2004 - but a picture update of the Intolerable Cruelty premiere in L.A. in late 2003. George on the red carpet with the stars of the movie: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Billy Bob Thornton to name a few. And of course with his parents, Nina and Nick Clooney (see picture on the left). Browse the new additions of premiere pics and surf the movie mistakes site if you like to. Some people do seem to not being involved into the story when they only look for continuity mistakes...
Intolerable Cruelty movie mistakes
Click here to view a video coverage of the premiere
12/31: Heading for Europe in 2004
little detail of our xmaas tree Good news: George will come over to "old Europe" in 2004. According to "Edinburgh Evening news online", Mr. Clooney is due to start filming a £19 million blockbuster in West Lothian on January 19th 2004, in Bangour Village Hospital between Bathgate and Dechmont (UK). More about it in the news. And Elisa sent me some news as well:George is expected to be present at the San Remo Music Festival/ Italy in March 2004. We keep an eye on it! Happy new year!
George going to visit Scotland
Official San Remo Festival Website (only in Italian)
Found on the net: "Terror in the towers" GC make up effects
12/04: new wallpaper added + wallpaper contest
I've added a new wallaper from the Italian MARTINI website which I slightly modified.Then I looked at my wallpaper collection and came to the conclusion that there could be more - so what about your creative submissions? :)
So feel free to send me your wallpapers. Be creative, think of what kinda wallpaper of George you like and what other fans could enjoy! The best ones will be chosen by a user voting here on clooneyfiles.com. So, please send your personally designed and stylish wallpapers to wallpaper@clooneyfiles.com along with your name and where you are from (Format is 1024 x 768 pixel/72 dpi, only JPEGS are accepted, max. size is 60 KB.) The prize? Well, praise and glory - and fans worldwide who love to download your artwork to brighten up their computer desktop !
12/04: Fathers and sons: Nick Clooney enters the race for U.S. Congress
There might soon be a Clooney in Congress, but it won't be George. Nick Clooney, a Cincinnati television personality and the father of movie actor George Clooney, announced Monday he will run next year for the seat held by Rep. Ken Lucas (D-Ky.). who announced on Nov 24th 2003 that he is retiring after three terms in Congress. ''Though my entire career has been spent in public life, this will be the first time I come to the people of my home state seeking their vote for elective office,'' said Clooney, a Democrat who lives in Augusta, Ky. ...read more in the news
11/21: No Martini - No Party

We all know: when there's no Martini - there's no party!
What do you do when you are on a date and your neighbours decide to throw a party? Here's the answer! :)
Watch the latest commercial right now right here!

10/07: Entertainment Weekly Foto Shooting

Due to the US release of INTOLERABLE CRUELTY, the magazine Entertainment Weekly features a really cool photo coverage shot by "New Yorker" Photograph Martin Schoeller. Dive into the charme of the lates 50ies, into the glamorous style of intriguing couples - with Catherine Zeta-Jones and George Clooney being the perfect models of pictures that remind you of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly...
( thx to Katie for sharing these pics!)

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